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Champagne Arnaud Moreau: Rosé

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    Appearance The bubbles have a nice finesse. Nose The nose is subtle. On the palate The first taste is immediately delicious and reminiscent of a basket of red fruits. The palate is much more expressive than the nose, it is full of rich flavors. This delicacy is a treat for those with a slightly sweet tooth. The juice is full and ripe, but never exuberant. Very slight acidity on the finish offering the freshness necessary for balance.

    Listed in a 3 Michelin stars restaurant: La Bouitte...
  • Origin France, Champagne

    Vineyard Montagne de Reims, Bouzy

    Color Rosé (pink)

    Grapes 70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay

    Style Brut (9 g/l sugar)

    Aging process Bottled in 2015

    Alcohol 12.5%

    Refreshing Immerse the bottle in a bucket filled with water and ice for half an hour; or Place the bottle in the bottom of the refrigerator for 4 hours. In any case, avoid cooling a bottle in the freezer.

    Serving advice Serve chilled at 8-10°C. Don't shake the bottle!

    Ageing advice Drink now to 2025

  • Terre de Vins mentioned in 2018.


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